Fall 2016: Announcements Template

I'll be using this page to test various layout options and content strategies for the Fall 2016 Daily Announcements, and I'll also document my process here.

Links in new tabs. Because of the https restrictions in Canvas, I adjusted the blog template to include  which means all links will automatically open in a new tab.

Homepage redirect. Because I really dislike the wasted space of the right-hand sidebar in the Canvas homepage, I used the LTI Redirect Tool to create a "Homepage" link. I cannot get rid of the awful right-hand sidebar itself, but at least I can try to minimize the likelihood of students seeing. By removing "Home" from the navigation and changing it to "Homepage" instead, I can get them to the front page of the wiki, which is my real homepage.

Custom URLs. I also set up htaccess redirects for Myth.MythFolklore.net and India.MythFolklore.net which I will use to bypass the awful default homepage with the right sidebar. This way, when I link to the Canvas course, I will be linking to the real homepage; plus, the URLs will be easy for me to type. IMPORTANT: I need to remember to change the redirect URL to the real course addresses; right now, I just have the temporary course.

Sidebar widgets. I need to remember that any sidebar widgets have to be redone in my https widget subdomain through Create.ou.edu. The random cats are working great. Do I want more widgets? At least I know how to do that now!

YouTube. There are one or two videos in the announcements every day, so let me check to make sure they are going to play in Canvas; here's the Growth Mindset playlist embedded: