Fall Semester - ready to start early if you want!

Welcome to the FALL SEMESTER, everybody! Classes begin officially on August 24 — and if you want a head start on the semester, the classes are up and running, with all the first week's assignments ready to go.
Update: The Week 2 assignments should be ready to go now also, with many thanks to the people who got started early and have been helping me check to make sure things really are ready to go!

New year, new classes! I've made a lot of changes to both classes this summer, mostly thanks to great suggestions I received from last year's students. If there is anything confusing about the instructions, broken links, something that just doesn't "fit" somehow, please let me know. There might be leftover fragments from old assignments, and the new assignments may have some rough edges that need smoothing. If you notice anything like that, let me know; you can contact me easily by email (laura-gibbs@ou.edu).

Getting Started. To get started, there is an Orientation Week with assignments to introduce you to the class and help you get familiar with the tools and websites you will be using. The Orientation Week is the same for both classes: Myth-Folklore (MLLL-3043) and Indian Epics (MLLL-4993).

D2L. You will be using D2L for recording your points in the Gradebook. For the first assignment in the Orientation Week, you will learn how to "declare" your points for assignments in this class so that they show up in the D2L Gradebook. There was a huge D2L upgrade over the summer, but everything seems to be working fine. Still, keep a lookout for anything weird there, and if you run into any problems, let me know!

My Schedule. I try to be at work from 9-5 Monday through Friday, which means I will be quick to respond to emails and Twitter queries during that time. I do check email occasionally in the evenings and on weekends, but I probably won't respond to those evening/weekend emails unless it is something urgent. Meanwhile, If I am out of the office for some chunk of time during regular work hours, I'll include a note about that here in the announcements.

These Announcements. Starting on August 24 with the beginning of the semester, I'll be updating the announcements every day. If you want to subscribe by email so that you can get the announcements automatically when new ones arrive, see the "subscribe" box in the sidebar of the blog. Put in the email address you prefer, and then look for the "confirmation" email that you will get; check your spam folder if it does not show up right away (OU for some reason has a tendency to put the confirmation email in the junk folder).

Just for Fun: Here is a video I never get tired of — a Mister Rogers remix called Garden of Your Mind. I grew up watching Mister Rogers; his show started airing in 1968 when I was four years old... and as you get started with this class, you will probably see that the "Mister Rogers" approach to learning and sharing is a big part of who I am today. Enjoy!